Into Boats was formed by Helene Johnston through her long passion for boating and sailing. As a sole director, Helene is a fully accredited Interior Designer and has been associated with commercial and high end residential design and building for some 29 years.

She has consulted on new model boats to the research and development of Maritimo, manufacturer of Australia’s premier luxury long range cruisers. She has also worked with Mark Richards, world famous yachtsman of Palm Beach Motor Yachts. She completed 4 years design consulting to Riviera Marine Australia in their research and design division.

Helene has spent 2 years design consulting on the revamp of the Ghan’ Train Service, which travels through the centre of Australia from Adelaide to Darwin.

Over the past 12 years she has carried out design and project management for Mercedes Benz showrooms in Southport and Robina, Queensland, Australia.

Successfully designed and project managed the prestige Songbirds Rainforest Restaurant at Mount Tambourine in Queensland Australia.

She has designed and project managed the Toyota showroom dealership in Southport Queensland, as well as the Ford dealership showroom in Tweed Heads NSW Australia.

She has completed many other design projects of prestigious residential properties in Sydney and the Gold Coast from $1 million to $16 Million in value.

Into Boats prides itself on our professionalism and we are committed to providing services of the highest standard.

Whether you have a detailed vision for your new build/refit or haven’t yet found your inspiration, we can offer innovative designs with attention to detail and a unique flair mixing design elements.

So launch your next project with seasoned professionals renowned for  stunning, classic interiors.

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